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Title IXNINE Technology
Posted by 아이엑스나인 (ip:)
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  • Date 2022-11-16
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IXNINE Technology

IX3PRO is an upgraded version of the existing IX3 design with a new Click-on system.

The existing Snap Lock system was also convenient to replace with a unique technology, but this PRO model was reborn as an even more convenient product.

The design maintained the IX3 design, and the convenience, fit and technology of the frame will be reborn as a more advanced integration of IX9.

You can easily remove the lens from a lift, gondola, etc., or from a resting place, or you can easily remove moisture just by putting the lens up.

You don't have to take off the goggles when you need to.

Click-on system is design to flap the lenses upward. 

It can raise lenses frame and it stays on because there is lock at 90 and 45 degrees.

You can enjoy the cool breeze, enjoy the view or take away the fog.

Also, how to replace the lenses is so easy for everyone.

Just Flap up the lenses on the lifts, and Flap down the lenses when you are ready to ride. 

* The click-on system is an additional feature to the anti-fog of the lens. It is helpful for anti-fog if you open the lens frequently and ventilate it.

In very cold weather, if you open the lens, the fog inside can freeze.

Click ☞

It is applied on IX3PRO models only. Enclosing edge of lens, protective function of lens is strengthen and finishing job of goggle lens is more accurate.

Lens frame is made of material to endure a strong impact. It is enable to add design element by lens frame.

You can customized your goggle variously through lens frame.

The T.D.A. lens system used from the IX3 is also applied to the IX3PRO and IX5, 

making the space between the out lens and the in-lens as narrow as possible to minimize the refractive index of light.

This will protect your eyes and body from dizziness or distortion by minimizing distortion and light diffraction as much as possible.

The viewing angle is implemented up to 145 degrees to provide a complete viewing experience.

In addition, the IX3PRO is designed to provide a more complete view in park riding and high-speed riding, 

making riding safer and more enjoyable.

Replacing the lens

1. Grab the down frame and pull the lens frame.

2. Open up the lens 0 to 45 degrees.

3. Twist the lens frame and pull out the lens and the lens frame will be separated.

* Check out the #3 photo to put together.

Put the lens back and put the upper frame until the 'Click' Sound.

Click ☞

The IX-V model is a new type of Newtro style snow goggles.

It has a shape with a frame, but it is designed as thin as possible, reminiscent of TV's bezel.

This bezel frame shows a viewing angle of up to 170 degrees when worn, providing a comfortable viewing angle for the user.

It is also designed based on comfort, improving the stability of the fit, and maximizing the flow of air by improving ventilation technology, so the anti-fog effect is also excellent. 

The 20 vents inside the frame are the core of the technology. IX-V is the starting point for IX9's Newtro.

Strap-Way is a system that increases wear as the straps form a path through the frame, making the frame more adhering to the face.

It is designed to make the face look comfortable by applying evenly, rather than by pulling it from the side.

The IX5 has 20 ventilations.

The ventilation allows the direction of the air to be free and maintain a constant flow, which in turn improves the anti-fog function.

Maximum viewing angle is 170 degrees, you can enjoy the panorama view.

The IX5 has improved not only from left to right, but also from top to bottom viewing angles.

It will give you maximum peripheral vision, so you now can avoid collisions with other people, things, trees, etc...

It’ll help you enjoy safe snowboarding and skiing! 

How to replace the lens

1. Hold the top and bottom of the frame and boldly spread it out.

2. After removing the lens, adjust the replacement lens to the groove inside the frame.

3. If you look at the lens, there are 7 grooves. After aligning with the groove inside the frame, press down on the frame.

* When replacing lenses, it is recommended to wear cotton gloves or pouches to prevent them from spoiling.

Click ☞

IXNINE uses only self-developed Moulds.

IXNINE Lens Technology


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